Meet Micaela Magnum, one of our Herd Health Assistants!

Micaela has a passion for animals and the outdoors, which is why she is an excellent addition to the Vara Whitetails’ breeding team. She has interned throughout college for multiple ranches, including Vara Ranch. She attended Texas A&M University in Kingsville and received a Bachelor’s in Range and Wildlife Management. She has worked in the deer industry for four years. Her favorite thing about working at Vara is the laid-back atmosphere. She said, “I work hard but have fun while doing it, so I don’t consider it work which is a blessing! If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!” Her favorite animal on the ranch is the Addax. Micaela’s ideal Sunday would include duck hunting with her GSP, Goose, and taking wildlife photography with Zach Bryan on the radio.