Springbok are reddish brown in color with a pale underside. On each of their flanks they have a dark brown stripe that separates their brown upper parts from their underside. Their head is white and they have a dark brown stripe that runs from each eye down to their upper lip. They have a pocket-like skin flap that runs from the middle of their back to their tail. When they are excited or frightened they can lift this flap, which makes the white hairs underneath stand up in a conspicuous crest that acts as a warning to other Springbok. Springbok are known to leap up to 13 feet in the air in an activity known as pronking. While in the air their body is curved, and their legs are stiff, close together and point downwards. Upon landing they immediately leap upwards again and during this period the crest on their back is raised. It is unknown why they pronk but it is possible they do it to indicate to predators that they have been spotted. When required Springbok can reach speeds up to 60 mph - they are among the top ten fastest land animals in the world.

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