The Axis deer's unique bright reddish coat marked with white spots makes it one of the most majestic of all deer species. A large buck can weigh up to 250 pounds with a beautiful six by six antler configuration that is upwards of 30 inches or more. The antlers are not dropped in a specific season. Instead, the bucks shed their antlers on their birthdays with rut taking place from July to September. This makes the Axis the only deer where both hard-horned and velvet bucks exist at the same time. Cautious-natured Axis deer are elusive and can be a great challenge to even the experienced hunter. Peak Texas rut is May trough July but a great hunt anytime.

$5,500 - $6,250 price includes 2 nights/3 days lodging and all amenities

Facts about the Axis

Native Region

Asia (India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal)

Hunting Season

All Year


Males Only

Suggested Mount

Shoulder to Pedestal

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